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Beware what you think for they become your words. Beware what you say for they become your actions. Beware your actions as they become your habits. Beware your habits as they seal your fate.

My Morning Epiphany NOW

My Morning Epiphany NOW

A moment of Sanity

Definition: 1. sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence
Source: MSN Encarta dictionary

I had a Now Zen Tao epiphany this morning. Walking my dog.

I Live in the Junkyard of UFOs

Quick thought:
"I live in the junkyard of UFOs" - when the thought occurred to me, it also occurred to me that that is not at all untrue!!! UFO = UnFinished Objects.

I love new ideas and how they buoy me up and carry me along in a swirling colourful joy of possibilities. Then when it has materialized, it needs to be finished: a pendant newly born wants his chain/necklace; a focal magnificence remains unrooted when left floating and unfinished.

Save the Dolphins - Please

I caught an Oprah show by accident and found out about "The Cove" - an award winning documentary.  It is not the awards nor even that Oprah supports this that I want to emphasize.

I want to say to the Japanese government and the people who can help - that is You and Me .. to please please PLEASE help stop the yearly slaughter of dolphins.

Madonna Said

The other day, I was lucky to catch an episode of Oprah with Adam Lambert as her guest.  

Among other things, Adam also talked about how he got to meet Madonna (only for 5 minutes he siad) at her home.  He said Madonna is his idol and when he met her, he was excited, tongue-tied, and "intimidated" (his word).

Our Modern Dilemma

Our Modern Dilemma

Today's Modern Super-Woman?

I remember long ago now it seems, reading about the pressures that modern women felt - feeling as if they had to be the perfect wife, perfect mom, perfect care giver, while at the same time, trying to take on the new frontiers of being the successful business/working woman.

I feel I am in that kind of space and wonder if this is also true for a lot of other women? And maybe even men. That is likely I think as I don't think this is a gender-specific thing (yay for evolution!!!)

Favourite Ads

Favourite Ads

Yellow Pages Ad - "Not Happy Jan"

Representational Systems


Representational Systems in NLP

5 (main) Senses

Representational Systems is a system of how we represent (or Re-Present) the outside world to ourselves so that it makes sense. We learn of the outside world via our 5 senses: Visual (seeing), Auditory (hearing), Kinesthetic (feeling), Olfactory (smelling), and Gustatory (tasting). Hence in NLP, these are call the representational systems.

NLP Presuppositions


NLP Presuppositions

NLP Presuppositions are the foundation and principles on which NLP operates

Almost every field of study and every behaviour we undertake is based on some presupposition(s) ~ whether consciously held or not. Presuppositions literally means to "suppose something before .." For instance, (without thinking about it) I pre-supposed that there are people who can read these squiggles, that they can understand what my squiggles mean, and that there is someway I can get the article to them.

Experience Project


Experience Project

A Place Where you can Pour Your Heart Out

.. I think.

Paul McKenna, NLP, Smoking, and Confidence

Paul McKenna, NLP, Smoking, & Confidence

Paul McKenna .. does he work?

When I say, "does Paul McKenna work?", I mean of course, does his publicized programs work? Well, I am about to find out.

I have of course seen his ads on TV and listened to the derision of those around me when they hear his name. But then again, none of them have actually bought anything of his. They have, they claim, read how "dubious" he is ... in other words, a scam. But is this true?

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